Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The good, the bad, and Kate Spade...

Hey there! I wanted to share some exciting news - I've lost 24.5 lbs so far!! Now, I know you may be thinking that I should have just waited until it was a nice round number (like 25). But if I don't post about it now, it might not happen. While I'm thrilled with my progress, there have been some downsides that I didn't really think through when I started. Okay, really just one downside - I no longer fit into my pants and shorts, the majority of my skirts fit poorly, and even some of my tops and dresses are rather roomy. For someone who adores clothes and spends a considerable amount of time picking out, trying on, and falling in love with each item in my closet, this has been a bummer, to say the least. It's kind of like I'm in a relationship with all of my clothes.

I'm in the process of altering the things I want to keep and buying new bottoms to fill in my wardrobe. But it can be hard to breakup with someone you've loved (or shorts - don't judge). It's also hard to know when to start the alterations/buying new clothes process - if you start too early and then loose more weight, those items will be back to being baggy. Ultimately, I waited as long as possible (basically, until I was pantless) and then decided to bring clothes to get altered in shifts. I'm picking up my first batch from the tailor today - a pair of pants, a pair of white capris, and a (hopefullly now) high waisted skirt (that was previously sliding off my hips). If I loose a bit more weight, I'll have the things I alter later (I'm saving my favorites) that will fit better.

I'm also realizing that this whole weight loss thing comes at a price - literally. The cost of all the alterations and new clothes, on top of my monthly gym membership and Pure Barre classes, has not been easy to swallow. Of course, not every purchase has been absolutely necessary - I may have indulged in some new shirts and sweaters, even though I'm supposed to be focusing on bottoms. I was already a bit of a shopping addict, and now everything looks better on me. Can you blame me?

When I hit the 20 lb mark, I also treated myself to a congratulatory gift - a Kate Spade Grove Court Strip Maise (currently on sale for only $149 - previously $298). The bag is gorgeous for summer with it's nautical stripes and it's the perfect size. I highly reccomend it! And at that price, how can you say no?
What about you? Are you in a "relationship" with your clothes? Treated yourself to a congratulatory purse lately? Let me know!

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